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  1. SiriusXM Price: Best Deals and Negotiation Tips
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  4. Simple Trick to Save 75% on Sirius XM Radio Subscriptions

SiriusXM Price: Best Deals and Negotiation Tips

You can also reach out by email or chat. Look for the email and chat links in the Contact Us section, which you can reach from the link at the bottom of the home page. No one at your BBQ wants to suffer through advertisements between their favorite songs. How was your experience? Be the first to let us know and submit a review.

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Save More with Groupon Coupons

SiriusXM Contact Information The company has a helpful customer service division that can answer most of your questions and even help fix any service issues that might arise. Hulu 25 Coupons. Did this coupon work for you? Get Coupon Code. No SiriusXM coupon code needed for this limited time offer. I got this deal as well, but asked about the streaming service, which they added for no charge.

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  • SiriusXM Price: Best Deals and Negotiation Tips!
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I tried to get the royalty fees waived like several comments mentioned. That seems pretty reasonable for the service. Thats true only if you dont continue to keep an existing account at your bank. If you are issued a new credit card with the same financial institution, Your new account will automatically be billed. Be Careful!! I set a calendar date for 6 months minus a couple days to renew. Thanks, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e! I told them I will not be renewing because of price. I was still disinterested. She put me on hold, briefly, and accepted. She deducted the remaining balance on my current account which would have expired in April.

Gotta run. Marking my calendar NOW to play the game again in 6 mos. Includes streaming and a free Amazon Dot speaker.

Save More with Groupon Coupons

They sent me a code in an email to apply at checkout on Amazon. So I should be getting the difference credited back to me.

It’s easy to share SiriusXM.

Thanks for all your info! They had to adjust my base price down but it all worked like dream. Paid with a debit card with no repeat transactions. AND i need to remember to cancel before the auto renew date in a year.

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  4. Thanks to Danny and all the folks that posted here. My total time invested on the phone was about 15 minutes.

    I just called Sirius and followed MW. Then the rep comes back and says O K if you pay with a credit card we will wave the invoice fee? I said you have a deal.

    Simple Trick to Save 75% on Sirius XM Radio Subscriptions

    Took about 10 minutes. I figured it was close enough and I will go through this again in 6 months. I want to ask if you think I can get the 6 month deal after I get a three month free deal? Am I better off just jumping in at the 6 months for the February 10, I had received a 2 month free trial in July on 3 of my cars, none are eligible for this offer. February 9, Radio ineligible for trial offer, is the message I get, although I've used XM in the past on it. Guess you don't get a free trial if u previously subscribed? Rip off. Streaming on the apps is included and this year we also got the free echo dot.

    So we have it hard wired in one car and used the app in the other. Not really a big deal. Desperate times mean desperate measures!